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Ghana like other African countries has practiced the concept of circular economy over many years even without the tag name. As the term becomes more familiar and common, in recent years, it inspired the rise of new business models especially amongst the youth. Currently, there is no general government policy or roadmap motivating the transition to a circular economy in Ghana. However, The Government of Ghana has participated in different conversations aimed at supporting and enhancing a transition to a circular economy in the country in specific sectors, through conversations at the Global Plastic Action Partnership (GPAP) and EU-Ghana Circular Economy Seminars. However, plastic waste management is the first material and area to have received high attention and action to attain a circular economy in Ghana.

In 2019, The Government of Ghana formally joined the Global Plastic Action Partnership (GPAP), becoming the first African member. in 2021, Ghana launched the national plastic action roadmap. Diverse efforts are being made by other stakeholders and organisations such as the African Circular Economy Network; , the Circular Economy Club, Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO); to advance the transition to a circular economy. Circular entrepreneurs have also received support from investors and competitions, such as Ghana Climate Innovation Centre; , the EU-Ghana Circular Economy Challenge, , GrEEn Innovation Challenge; among others.


Deborah Nartey

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